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A one-stop-shop that allows you to discover social product design and the country’s support system around it — that’s DIM for you. 

When you start a project on this platform, you enjoy value-adds at every stage. What does this look like? Access to closed sector-oriented and high-network expert groups, feedback from communities for your ideas, a national exhibition for the top 100 prototypes, and so much more.

Get started and we’ll help you connect the dots on your path to becoming an Impact Designer.

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Opportunities for Impact

We don’t see problems. We see opportunities — and we’ve identified 24 of them. Pick one, or just keep your heart and mind open to find unique possibilities in your own backyard. 

This is your chance to play a part to do your bit in stopping food wastage, to help the people of our country breathe some good ol’ fresh air, and so much more.

This is your chance to make India a better place.

Go on, unleash the genius in you. 


I’m Curious to See All 24!


The only way to learn is from the very best. And thankfully, we’ve got the best supporting us. Our melange of industry leaders, top academicians, and sector experts is here to guide you on your journey of spearheading change. Access a specially curated content structure for a broad yet crisp understanding, and use it to grasp the basics of social design, define your impact area, and finally, transform your concepts into reality.

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Be a Design Thinker

Bring social innovation with Design Thinking! Get exclusive access to Design Thinking Course videos, toolkit and expert mentoring sessions that will guide you at every phase of your project. Grab this chance to learn and apply Design Thinking principles and take your project one notch higher. To top it all - you will also get a certificate from DIM at project completion!
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Support Network

An amazing idea to a sustainable reality. That escalated quickly, right? It can, when the right doors open. Here is a network that you might have spent months if not years digging up. We have it researched for an easy filter and access. Makerspaces, accelerators, incubators, grants, awards, prototyping avenues, and more! 


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Participate in special events where ideas are born, innovations are discussed, and differences are made.

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