Design Impact Movement
What is the Design Impact Movement (DIM)?
At its core, DIM is a platform that guides anyone with an aspiration to design for social needs through their project journey and unlocks various resources to expedite the process. It's a platform that aims to shorten the learning curve for impact designers by discovering resources and support and tapping the larger ecosystem.

What is the difference between DIA (Design Impact Awards) and DIM?

DIA has a grant based program that supports individuals or organisations with prototyped products and helps them create impact. It is an application based process and time bound. DIM is an open platform which one can join anytime and at any point of their journey. It facilitates social product design journey and beyond through non-monetary resource sharing, workshop experiences, networking and much more .

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Who can participate in DIM?
Absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender, and location. All you need is an interest in product design for social good.
My project location is outside India. Can I sign up or register?
Yes, you can sign up or register and make use of the various resources available. However, you cannot undertake the project journey on DIM as it is primarily focused on impact in the Indian territory only.

What is a user's journey on DIM?

The DIM user journey is divided into three main stages:

- Opportunity statement submission

- Idea submission

- Prototyping

However, DIM is a flexible and agnostic platform. You could join at any stage and whenever. While you are required to fill in information for all three stages in chronological order, you can start your journey and seek support from us at any stage — even once your product is prototyped and tested.

What are the value offerings on DIM?

Well, where do we start! The value offerings on DIM include access to:

- Pre-researched opportunity statements

- Curated and interactive masterclass sessions

- A database containing information about various makerspaces, fab labs, incubators, grants, awards, places for prototyping support, and internship opportunities 

- Specially curated events

When you start a project on DIM, at each stage you get value offerings as listed in the question below.

When I start a project on DIM, how does it support me?
The support provided by DIM is holistic and aligns with a user's project journey. Once a user submits their opportunity statement, they are eligible to attend specially created immersion workshops as well as be a part of a sector specific closed group to network and seek support. When you submit an idea in the idea submission stage, DIM provides beneficiary community feedback for your idea through relevant NGOs and social enterprises. When you submit a prototype, you get to join a Linked in close group which opens opportunities to network with impact investors and social sector experts, as well as to be part of top 100exhibit, incubation opportunities and more.

I already have an idea, can I get funding from DIM?

While DIMgives you access to a variety of relevant resources, it does not provide direct monetary support.

Is there a selection process to be part of DIM?
DIM isn’t a typical competition. Anyone who wants to learn about product design for social good can be a part of the movement and benefit from its resources. Even when it comes to the ideas, there is no selection criteria or an end prize. All ideas that serve social needs and fall under our three broad sectors of intervention (environment, healthcare, agriculture and livelihoods) are welcome to progress their journeys through the value offered by DIM!
Is there a participation fee?
All of DIM’s value offerings are free of cost. There is no fee at any stage.
Is it safe for me to share my ideas on this platform?
Absolutely. Intellectual property rights remain with the participant and nothing is shared with third parties without the participant’s full consent.
I have an idea but I don't have all the skills to execute it, can i still be a part of DIM?
Yes. You can connect with other participants and explore collaboration options through groups present on the platform itself.
I don't know much about social design, can i register?
Definitely. DIM was created to help you learn more about product design for social change, and also guide in the initial stages of the journey. So even if you are a beginner, do register if you’re passionate about the cause.
Do I have to use all the offerings on the platform to be a participant?
We do recommend that you make use of every offering for a holistic experience, but it is not a compulsion. Platform usage is flexible and agnostic, and you may leverage it as you see fit.
I am interested in social design but I don't want to be a social entrepreneur, can I still register?
DIM promotes design thinking for social good, and is not limited only to those interested in social entrepreneurship.
I have an idea along with another person/few other people, can we participate together?
Yes, you can work with team members. Each team member must register individually and the group admin could add other members to the project.

Whom should I contact if I have questions?

If you’re a platform user, write to us at dimsupport[at]

For partnerships and collaborations, get in touch at designimpact[at]

Is there a limit to how many projects I can work on in the DIM?
Participants can start as many projects as they like on the portal and submit ideas. Each project could be an individual or team submission.

Can I make changes to my project/idea after I have submitted?

Yes, participants can make changes to their project and the project admin can even delete a project. In fact, we encourage active use of the platform instead of a one-time submission.