Design Impact Movement
Design Impact Movement

What: Design for Impact

Short-term solutions don’t cut it. The world needs sustainable change — and social design is the way. If you’ve got an idea, we’ve got the platform to help you realize it. With full access to relevant support and to the social design and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Basically, everything you need to take your idea from good to #goals.

Open to All
Designers, Engineers, Architects,
and anyone passionate about meaningful change
Design Impact Movement
Sectors to Make a Difference To:
Environment | Healthcare | Agriculture and Livelihoods

Design Impact Movement

Why: Because its Worth Your While.

For Peace and Prosperity for People and the Planet, Now and Into the Future, by Realizing the SDGs. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outline 17 of the world’s most pressing issues. 

Browse our custom opportunities aimed at achieving the SDGs, choose what you want to take on, or identify any that resonates with you, and join us to design a better, more sustainably inclusive world for everyone.

How: Create Impact, Your Way
Design Impact has two initiatives:
Design Impact Movement
Design Impact Movement

Design Impact Awards

Design Impact Awards is an offshoot of our mission to drive social innovation. In our first edition, the grants-based program saw 8 out of 993 applicants win grants of INR 65 lakhs each.

Currently, their designs are being reached out to communities to create impact, and yours could be next. Watch out for the next round of applications!

Discover more about the program here.

Design Impact Movement
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Design Impact Movement

So, here’s the deal.

We are a movement. We are a mindset.

And we are a platform that can help you drive the transformation you so desire. Join us on a collaborative, continuous journey towards social change, and find your calling along the way.

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